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About Sports Car Collection

Sports Car Collection

Welcome to Sports Car Collection, where we prioritize speed, performance, and the joy of driving. Established by Andrew Engelmann, a race car driver, and his long-time friend Petko Petkov, our boutique dealership is dedicated to showcasing some of the finest sports cars in the world. Andrew Engelmann, an experienced racer with a class championship in the NLS series at the Nurburgring, discovered his passion for cars at the age of eight. Accompanying his father Wolfgang, also a sports car aficionado, on a business trip to Germany, Andrew was captivated by the powerful resonance of engines and the exhilaration of the autobahn. Having served as a professional driving coach for Porsche and boasting an impressive collection of Porsches, BMWs, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis, Andrew's dream of owning a dealership came to fruition with Sports Car Collection. This dealership not only honors his late father but also demonstrates his dedication to the finest driving machines. Petko, originally from Bulgaria, also shares Andrew's enthusiasm for cars. His interest in speed began at a young age when his uncle, a participant in the Bulgarian hill climb championship, took him on thrilling rides in his race car. Over the years, Petko's passion for driving has only intensified, from his early days behind the wheel to his current enjoyment of spirited canyon drives and track days. With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry and extensive knowledge of luxury sports cars, Petko is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and product expertise. Sports Car Collection is more than just a dealership; we are a community of car enthusiasts united by our love for the excitement of driving. We specialize in rare and sought-after sports cars, and we're devoted to forging lasting relationships with our clients while offering an exceptional driving experience. Join us at Sports Car Collection and explore our unique selection of vehicles.

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